Simone's Sweet Treasures

From the age of fourteen Tanis Simone, a beauty and commercial model, had a huge passion for two things in life including baking and encouraging those to see the value within themselves. With that in mind, she decided to bring these two concepts together through her bakery, Simone’s Sweet Treasures.

Simone’s Sweet Treasures provides assorted gourmet cheesecakes and cups specifically tailored to the taste buds of all consumers. Not only can customers order a cheesecake from the preselected menu, they can create a sweet masterpiece by choosing a crust, filling, and topping.

Tanis Simone’s goal is not only to create sweet treasures and custom crafted masterpieces, but to help people see they are a masterpiece with something unique and beautiful to offer themselves. By including positive affirmations on each packaged product every customer is gently reminded of the value they bring to this world.

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