Raw Head Bread

Myriam Morisset, the founder of Raw Head Bread, created the business in May of 2017.

Using a dehydrator at a degree no greater than 105, they create food that is alive with its nutrients and enzymes intact, making it a living food that does wonders for the digestive system.

After research and participation in several Farmer's Markets around the metro Atlanta area, Raw Head Bread introduced a line of gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, grain-free, and soy-free foods, which include bread, flax crackers, and buckwheat bars.

Their flavors include all-time favorites like Raw Raisin, Plain, Everything and Cumin Turmeric Bagels as well as Rawritos, 4 Seed Fiesta Flax crackers, and Buckwheat Bars that change fruits that are in season. Their products are sprouted before they're routed to a delicious morsel of goodness that is alive with flavor and pops in your mouth when your favorite dips and spreads are used. 

All ingredients are organic and free of artificial additives, sweeteners, and chemicals. 

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