Hodgepodge Bakery


Hodgepodge Coffeehouse was the end result of a longheld dream of creating a community space. 

After having her first daughter and leaving the non-profit sector to stay home with her, it seemed as good a time as any for Krystle to put those dreams into action. And how many amazing ideas were thought up and shared over good food and a delicious cup of coffee? The idea of Hodgepodge was born. In 2012 we opened our doors, wanting to be a haven for anyone in Atlanta who wanted something delicious, or community, or even a small reprieve from everything else going on in their world. 

Almost nine years later and we are still dedicated to Atlanta and although our craft coffee and scratch-made goods are our bread and butter, our communities and those who live in them are our heart and soul.

Wholesaling our most popular items helps us continue our mission to bring a bit of happiness to people's day in markets we wouldn't normally be able to reach, and we're excited to spread the love!

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